Saturday, 4 July 2015

The Ultimate Herpes Protocol Review - PDF eBook Download and Melanie Addington FAQ's

You must be wondering if the Ultimate Herpes Protocol is scam or legit? Does it work?

Are there any positive reviews about the eBook?

By reading this Ultimate Herpes Protocol review, you will get answers to all of your questions.

So, without wasting any time, let me get back to the review.

A Common Perception
Some people are of the opinion that herpes is non-curable and there is no permanent solution for it. The disease outbreaks after every few months despite of using medicines and conventional ways of treatment. Well, this perception is completely wrong! And, I am going to explain in my review that how to get rid of the herpes virus by following guidelines of Melanie Addington. Herpes can be completely controlled and the process is all natural without any side effects.

Melanie Addington – Author of Ultimate Herpes Protocol
The Ultimate herpes protocol is an eBook (PDF), which was launched by Melanie Addington. Nobody knew Melanie Addington a few years back. However, she has found great popularity among herpes patients due to her eBook authorship.

Melanie story started when she got herpes simplex and got separated from her boyfriend because of her condition. This was truly nerve wrecking and heart breaking for her. The boy friend told her that she cannot live with her any further. He was afraid of catching the disease himself.

The blue sores of herpes developed on all her body. She started to visit doctors and health consultants for getting help. She told her father about the problem, who was also a doctor himself. Melanie was advised to take medicines like Acyclovir, Valtrex, Zovirax and Famvir. These medicines helped her for only short periods of time, since the outbreaks happened after every few weeks.

Melanie was not satisfied with the results and she wanted a more permanent solution to cure herpes. As a result of using Acyclovir, she developed some serious side effects. Her hair started to fall off and she could not do anything about it.

The typical medicines were of no avail, since she was developed the same condition after every few months. She told her father (Britain Medical Mavericks) to sort out the herpes problem. Instead of using medicines, her father advised her to use ancient natural herpes treatment method.

So, she decided to start her own research to find out a more practical solution for herpes. The decision to undertake a massive research was not easy. It took her lots of time and effort to read and go through various natural ways to cure herpes. And most importantly, she needed to try all the methods on herself rather than anybody else.

Finally, it happened and Melanie was able to find pure natural methods which were able to cure herpes permanently. She decided to share these methods with other herpes patients as well. Before launching the book officially, she had already shared the techniques with many affected individuals around the world.  Her email box is full of positive feedbacks given by the people who have already used her methods.

All this positive feedback and appreciation encouraged her to create an eBook (PDF) in a proper format to share with the world. The main intention was to help people rather than making money. Although, she wanted to share the book for free but she had to put a price tag on the eBook. It is because earnings from the book are used to cover costs for research programs. She also donates some money from each sale to charity organizations.

What is the Treatment for Herpes?
Unlike expensive medicines, herpes can be permanently cured using methods mentioned in Ultimate Herpes Protocol (UHP). The natural ways are easy to implement and produce effective results in the long run. The popularity of the program clearly shows that UHP is not a scam, since many people are already using it successfully around the world.

Does Ultimate Herpes Protocol Work?
You must be wondering about Ultimate Herpes Protocol Does it Work? The program works in three stages. All the stages are interconnected with each other and help to get rid of the virus on permanent basis. It is important to mention here that all methods explain in the eBook are completely natural. This means that you can apply them without any need to worry about side effects. Unlike drugs and chemical treatments, you will get a more practical solution for the long run. The drug manufacturers and companies never want people to use natural ways to treat herpes. It is because they want people to use prescription drugs to sustain their own business.

First Step
Making Immune System Stronger
Do you know that a weak immune system is the main cause of so many diseases? The Ultimate Herpes Protocol works to strengthen up your immune system. The human body starts fighting against the ugly virus in order to get rid of it. The natural methods help your body to get ample energy, which will help to build up the perfect immunity and prevent any outbreaks in future.

Second Step
Killing Herpes
In this step, the natural ways help to attack the virus on offensive mode to destroy it completely. Herpes virus carries a protein coat which is destroyed and it is unable to survive and revive back itself.

Third Step
Protection for future
As herpes has the ability to survive and outbreak in future, the final step ensures that your body remains protected from the outbreaks in the long run. It means that you would not see any herpes outbreaks in future again.

All of this is possible because of the natural methods explained in the eBook by Melanie Addington. Being the reviewer, I still cannot tell you the exact methods here because it will violate the copyright act and it is not ethical to do so. However, you will see table of content details in the screenshot. 

The Best Things about the Ultimate Herpes Protocol – Secrets to Naturally Treat Herpes
•             Complete and permanent relief from herpes virus.
•             Helps you to get back to normal life by eliminating the disease permanently.
•             There is no other similar book in the market, which is as much extensive and detailed as the Ultimate Herpes Protocol book itself.
•             The methods are purely natural and effective.
•             The methods are easy and safe to use without any side effects.

Pros and Cons of Melanie Addington’s Guide

Here are the pros and cons:

•             The book is quite detailed (38 pages long)
•             Effective and Proven approach for treating Herpes
•             Use of natural and holistic methods
•             Ultimate way of getting rid of the virus
•             Strengthening of overall immune system
•             Getting rid of herpes future outbreaks
•             Free bonuses along with the main package
•             Secure Transaction and Money Back Guarantee of 60 days
•             Pregnant women should refrain from using it unless the pregnancy is over.
•             The system takes some time to show the results. (The first step takes time for successful implementation).
•             The eBook is not available in hard copy and only available in PDF format.

Melanie Addington offers Ultimate Herpes Protocol with all bonuses for one time secure payment of $37. The price is a drop in bucket of what you may have already spent on medicines for herpes treatment. I highly recommend this program for all the positive features and testimonials received by it.